Top 3 effective Marketing SystemsYou have a marketing budget, you want to know how can you best spend it?

The first words would be... Let us assess your backend systems that you have in place. You say you have 'the other systems' in place... however there is still a struggle. so perhaps the systems are not completed in the setup and the marketing message is not clear.

Top 3 points discussed with a client about their marketing systems.

1. What is your sign up process like?

Lets paint a picture here, you are surfing the net and an ad captures your eye, you click on in, you read, you listen, you are in... you want to get this offer as you need it. You sign up, you confirm your email, you then get another email.

During the above picture - you were exposed to a series of marketing tactics to engage you emotionally into why you 'need' their service or product. It is something that has been on your 'I want, to do, I need' list... and there it was. How does your website/ landing page compare?

2. Is your message clear

It is easy to read, uncluttered, straight to the point, and directed at me...

During the above process - you felt engaged, you followed the ONE MESSAGE.

Keeping this super simple here without heaps of ramble.

One markeing message only, not many different offers... 

ONE CALL TO ACTION that is about your marketing message...

As you surf the net and engage, think about what it is that grabs you? It needs to be noted that each person has a personal experience with you page and your ONE MESSAGE, that same message needs to be delivered to the various learning styles that people have.

Learning style is an individual's natural or habitual pattern of acquiring and processing information ]

  1. Visual - the sales copy in detail
  2. Auditory - the short descriptive video
  3. Tactile (Kinesthetic) - they soak it all up

3. Consistent

Do you remember the experience of clicking on an ad, when you arrive at the page it is not what the ad was about, you closed it confused and frustrated that your time had been wasted.

People's time is valuable and so is yours, so spend the time to start with in developing a solid Marketing Website Foundation system that is consistent throughout, no gaps everything looking branded, all the copy is relevant and targetted to your 'ideal client'... you may need to invest in a copy writer to get a super duper targetted message, you may need to invest in a professional to tweak your website for you and find the gaps that you can polish up.

If you are consistent throughout your interaction with your prospects they will feel more comfortable and the trust starts to build.

You can claim a free strategy call, however you may be a little shocked when there is some gaps found in your system, however you will be pleased when you are offered the solutions to them as well.

Be mindful of the BS Sharks out there who just want your money for a system that is not suited to you. Be mindful that a 'means well helper friend' may not give you the best service, offer them the incentive of income for helping you. Quality experience is a valued and well worth investing some funds into.

Q & A from a facebook page...


Ive got $10,000 to spend on Marketing for my program. I need a proven system that works, and will bring people "to the door". I have the other systems in place, though I'm really struggling with knowing what works here. Ive used too many telemarketers to try that process again!, there must be a better way?


Build a rock solid foundation first. Otherwise people fall through the gaps. A building with poor foundations will not last the duration expected, neither will your website.
This is our experience of creating a no bs##t automated marketing & web development system that enables the Entrepreneur & Small business owner to deliver. It still requires effort - ' we can't do your pushups for you'. Many websites fail in their marketing because 'they' see the details as not important. Each system (CMS & CRM) needs to be professional and polished. With solid foundations the marketing works. Good copy and delivery of your message is also important. It is not a patch up system. It is getting you from where you are to where you want to go. Exactly what you seek to do for your property developers....

We support behind the scenes one of Australia's best authentic mentors in property, and he continues to excel with a system we have helped setup.
Be mindful of the sharks!
10k should bring you huge success if what you have on offer is what people are looking for. It is professionally presented and your message is clear.
It is YOU and your experience that people buy into.
You are surrounded by experience.... Tap into it so you no longer need to struggle.



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