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Create and Market Your Thing

So You Want to Create and Market Your "Thing'

You will need systems in place, top guru's say... "just go build a page" I did it in under 45 minutes!


  1. a WEBSITE system
  2. MARKETING pages
  3. SHOPPING cart system
  4. PAYMENT gateway
  5. VIDEO hosting
  6. MEMBERSHIP site system

So how does that make you feel?

There is a lot there already, in truth - it is not 'just' point click, fill in a form, not for everybody....


  1. What is your budget per month?
  2. Which systems are best for you?
  3. How much do these systems cost to run?
  4. What knowledge is required to work within these systems?
  5. What skills do you have and are you willing to put in some 'time' to learn.
  6. How do you begin the process?

Ok... take a breath.


Hi, Lyndi here....

At the begining of 2014 I was watching (and learning) how one of the 'latest' guru's at the top end of town's launched his next big thing for 2014.... it was very well done, creates a transparent approach, everything is done for you, taught to you.... he says. "To do what I teach you need to go have these systems in place first.... it is all just as simple as 'point, click, drag, drop, upload." (REALLY!)

"Just go build a page" 

They say

Ok,  what he is offering really really excites me and yes, I would love to go sign up today! That is the point of the marketing message after all. Here's the thing tho.... I see the gaps in the system, I see people signing up and then going, oh! speed bump... and again oh! speed bump....and again a few times more. To end up with their dream of 'create my thing' still waiting to be created while they get the systems in place. Well, what if that was fixable? What if you had your own 'geek on hand' to assist you?  To take care of some of the once only techy setup stuff so you are free to focus on what is more important for you. Now that feels better already!

All I want is to achieve my result

All I want is a system that is rock solid

All I want is to be helping others by 'doing' my thing

I see the speed bumps! WHY... because I hit them everyday and have been for years. Which is why I have created my structure, so that you have a system to follow so you can create your 'thing' with your focus almost 100% on that. I am honest with the 'almost 100% focus' because the reality is you have a life to live.

Yes! there is requirements to be met so I can do what I have to do to support you achive your end result quicker, faster, with less pain, with confidence and pleasure. It does require your time, effort and energy - I am here to support you through this.

This is not about me and what I want,

this is about YOU!

What do you want...

Will you do this little exercise for me?

Right now just a few minutes. Take a moment, grab a notebook (or a mental note book) and write the answers to the following down

  1. How do you see yourself in 6 months from now with this idea?
  2. Out of all you have to create what is the 'easiest most desirable' right now!
  3. Can you do this on your own?
  4. Would you like to have an assistant who has skills and expertise in areas you don't?
  5. Would you like a faster, smoother direct result to the systems needed?

Ok? so what are you going to do about it?

If you are serious about taking the next step to change - as we hear all the time, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well fellow being - that just aint gonna happen.


So, here is an opportunity for you.

If you are ready 






We Believe within you is greatness

We Believe you are a master of your craft

We Believe You CAN Unleash your vision using proven systems



In implementing the most relevant and Profit Generating Systems for your business.
To enable and nurture your business growth step by step to a solid foundation that leads you on a smooth transistion to your outcomes.
We believe every Entrepreneur deserves a solid start where they can trust and depend on the Team supporting them.


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